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Welcome to the Internet edition of the book Leading Brands of Spain
The 2008 edition of the Leading Brands of Spain first went into circulation in January. This year it has been published in three languages: Spanish, English and Mandarin. This prestigious publication covers the success stories of the leading Spanish brands, making them ideal tools to promote the key Spanish brands internationally. The number of companies in this year’s edition has increased to 137, including other leading and well-known brands of companies associated with the Forum. Moreover, success stories have also been included from the most representative brands of the Spanish Club of Exporters and Investors, an institution that has been collaborating with the Leading Brands of Spain Forum in the last few months.

This new edition of the Leading Brands of Spain book is organised for the first time by sectors, grouping the brands together in six units (food and drink, fashion and habitat, communication, sports and leisure, technology and infrastructures, business and professional services and other sectors). This is the same structure as the Architecture of Spanish brands developed by the Forum. The Leading Brands of Spain book starts with three forewords by Joan Clos, Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade, José Luis Bonet, Chairman of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (FMRE), and Miguel Otero General Manager of FMRE, followed by the success stories of the leading Spanish brands, grouped by sectors. The book also includes a chapter on the Spain Brand’s Honorary Ambassadors, in which Juan Antonio Samaranch, representing the Ambassadors has written an article on the importance of the national image and the need to link the leading brands and prestigious personalities, so that the Spain brand may be perceived as strong and reliable at an international level.

To close the book, the chapter "The Spain brand today, the reality behind an image" summarises the landmark events in Spain in recent years, from the notable economic development to the most important social, cultural and sporting achievements. The chapter places special emphasis on the important work carried out by the leading Spanish brands in the main international markets, highlighting their role as driving forces to boost other Spanish brands and to generate a better and stronger image of Spain.

The Leading Brands of Spain book was presented on 22nd January in Beijing and on 24th January in Shanghai. The book will also be distributed through the Spanish Embassies, Consulates and the Commercial Offices abroad.

In Partnership with the Spanish Exporters & Investors Club
With the support of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade